Hawes Contractors, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, are a part of the Hawes family of companies who have been in business since 1973. This means you’re dealing with a company that’s been in business for almost 4 decades and is a brand name you can trust.

Every member of our staff is fully trained, insured and capable of working in all aspects of the construction business. We also operate within a very strict Health & Safety policy which means we’re in full compliance with all industry legislation in relation to the construction trade. Our policy of continuous training for our staff is all part of our commitment to site safety and customer peace of mind.

Hawes Contractors has two main areas of focus when it comes to what we do:

  • Driveways
  • Patios

Your driveway says a lot about your home because it’s one of the first things a visitor or your neighbours will notice about it – simply because it’s an exterior feature. There’s also the resale/sale value of your home to consider when it comes to an exterior and important feature like your driveway on top of just being a proud home owner. Having a grubby drive doesn’t do anyone any favours so why not make the most of your driveway?

We work closely with all of our customers to make sure they get the exact driveway they had in mind and are more than pleased with the results.

Driveway Styles

 Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving

Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving1 Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving2 Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving3 Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving4 Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving5 Driveway Styles – Alpha Block Paving6

Driveway Styles – Aura Block Paving

Driveway Styles – Aura Block Paving1  Driveway Styles – Aura Block Paving2  Driveway Styles – Aura Block Paving3

Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving

Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving1 Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving2 Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving3 Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving4 Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving5 Driveway Styles – Beta Block Paving6

Driveway Styles – Classico Block Paving

Driveway Styles – Classico Block Paving1 Driveway Styles – Classico Block Paving2 Driveway Styles – Classico Block Paving3 Driveway Styles – Classico Block Paving4 Driveway Styles – Classico Block Paving5

Driveway Styles – Regatta Block Paving

Driveway Styles – Regatta Block Paving1 Driveway Styles – Regatta Block Paving2 Driveway Styles – Regatta Block Paving3

At Hawes we offer a comprehensive driveway construction and alteration service which includes some or all of the following depending on your requirements:

  • Removal and disposal of old driveway material
  • Paving, tarmacadam, shingle and concrete driveway construction
  • Supply of hard core or pea shingle
  • Construction of soakaways and trenches or ditches

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the driveway construction options or services that we can offer you but is just used to give you an idea of the scope of the services that Hawes Contractors can has on offer.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what we do we’re happy to offer you a full, zero obligation quotation on your driveway of work and you have our word that we will see your driveway project through to completion and to a standard we’re sure you’ll be delighted with.

Why not call our team of friendly professionals now either 01494 416188 for a free quotation on the driveway of your dreams?